Women’s Career Advancement Program

May 31, 2019

Imagine finally being recognised for all your hard work and dedication with a promotion

The exact steps to getting your promotion without having to ask for it.

Take Action. Get Promoted Faster.

We know you deserve it

Instead you are extremely frustrated because...

  • You are giving your absolute all, but not being recognised or respected for your hard work.
  • You feel invisible as others are being promoted around you.
  • You don’t have the confidence to ask for what you deserve.
  • You’re ending up in tears daily and feel like you’re not cut out for the corporate world.
  • You’re starting to doubt whether or not all this career stuff is worth it.
  • You’re sick of sidestepping and not moving forward.
  • You’re stuck and have lost all direction.

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The Women’s Career Advancement Program is an unique 6-month intensive career-coaching program that includes both group and individual coaching sessions. You’ll learn inside tips and strategies from some of the top women in Australian business.

You are not alone

Many working females are feeling just like you. They think they’re powerless in their jobs and that’s the way it has to stay.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You won’t be able to advance your career until you can identify what’s holding you back. Then, take control and rectify it.

The Women’s Career Advancement Program will give you the confidence and expertise to own and progress your career.

In this program you’ll learn the steps to overcome your current challenges and set yourself up for a long and purposeful career.

This program works, just check out these stats:

  • 26% of WCAP students are promoted during the program, while 28% are promoted within 12 months of finishing the program.
  • 22% of WCAP graduates have gone on to experience yet ANOTHER promotion 2 years years later.
  • 78% of graduates believe that a focus on executive coaching is invaluable and see an increase in career attitude, confidence and capability.


“WCAP helped me truly understand the importance of resilience, assertiveness and influence in business. As a result I have built, developed and maintained a network of senior sponsors who’ve ultimately helped me secure two promotions since completing Gillian’s program.”
- Lisa Omagari, Head of Editorial & Native Content, oOh! Media (Graduated 2015)

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The reviews are in. This is what graduates are saying:

“Wow was the coaching was impactful! Having someone who is impartial, but so understanding and knowledgeable, giving you individual coaching is worth the program fee on its own.”
- Heidi Silva, Head of Financial Planning & Analysis at MetLife Australia (Graduated 2014)

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“The program’s emphasis on presentation skills and also the interview method for obtaining frank feedback from colleagues and managers in a supportive and impactful way was excellent. If I had never asked for feedback, I probably would never have had the opportunity to work on a new dynamic and impactful project, which will have a strong, lasting legacy across the organisation.”
- Merryn Spencer, Research and Consultation Coordinator, City of Parramatta (Graduated 2015)

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One of the reasons graduates are so successful, is because of program facilitator and accomplished corporate leader, Gillian Fox. Gillian is supported by experienced senior executive coaches, including Nicole Treasure who has held a number of senior executive roles globally.

Gillian doesn’t just pretend to know, she gets it because she’s done it. Appointed as the first female National Sales Director at Pacific Magazines where she managed over 100 employees and as the former News Corp Executive Sales Director, Gillian knows what it takes to get to the top. She’s since spent the past 10 years as an entrepreneur, founding and building a number of large consulting businesses.

Nicole has intimate knowledge of international markets in Europe, Asia, the US - and, of course, Australia. She’s navigated the corporate world for a range of multinationals in diverse industries. She is passionate about sharing these powerful learnings and perspectives with other women in business to help them advance.

It’s the unique experiences of the executive coaches and their talents for transforming emerging female executives into highly effective leaders, which makes the Women’s Career Advancement Program truly effective.

“Gillian’s genuine passion for the career development of her students is infectious. Ever willing to coach individuals when the going gets tough, Gillian is a rare force in leadership training with a personal edge.”
- Lisa Omagari, Head of Editorial & Native Content, oOh! Media

This is the main reason the organisation has worked with so many household names, like the brands below.


The Women’s Career Advancement Program is a unique 6-month intensive career-coaching program. You’ll be working directly with some of the top women in Australian business.

Introductory Group Workshop

Kickstart the program with a 3.5 hours workshop addressing some of the main issues and roadblocks faced by aspiring female leaders (just like yourself) and be introduced to actionable strategies. The workshop includes an accomplished guest speaker and is full of tools and practical information to get you thinking about taking ownership of your career. Meet like-minded women and start forming your networks.

“One of the most valuable parts of the program is meeting a range of women with the same kind of career ambition. It allows you to start engaging with a much broader network.”
- Deborah Sweetman, Manager, Group Services, Investec Australia

Personal Executive Coaching Sessions

You’ll be assigned an experienced leadership coach to suit your specific challenges. You’ll meet for three 60 minute sessions where you’ll identify your current strengths and struggles, and nut out a career plan. Each session will include in-depth exercises that help you spring into action and start realising your career potential. You’ll have ongoing, healthy conversations with your mentor to help reach your goals.

Career Development Plan

This program is not about high-level theory. You’ll leave with a physical plan to guide your advancement for right now, as well as the next 5-10 years. This document drives real results, giving you a firm plan of attack to reach your goals and win your next promotion.

Final Group Session

You’ll come together with other participants for a final 2 hour roundtable to discuss key learnings and takeaways from the program.

Bonus Extras

  • 10% discount on exclusive events in 2018
    Hear from one of Australia’s most successful business woman with a live Q&A session
  • Complimentary copy of Woman of Influence, featuring 12 of Australia’s most inspirational business women (valued at $24.95)
  • Fortnightly e-newsletter with the latest news on diversity, women’s leadership and fast tracking your career
  • Comprehensive resource and recommended reading lists endorsed by successful female business leaders
  • Ongoing networking with like minded peers at organised events


The program is limited to just 15 participants so that you’re guaranteed to receive the attention you deserve. The executive coaching sessions are 1:1 and your leadership coach will be your voice of reason and number one champion throughout the program. You’ll also meet and potentially find support in other participants in similar circumstances.

“The most surprising outcome of the program was the genuinely deep and meaningful relationships that I built with colleagues who also participated in the program. Despite being from completely different parts of the business, these connections have afforded a constant support mechanism. As colleagues, and now true friends, Gillian’s program helped bridge the gap by encouraging the open sharing of information, opinion and support.”
- Lisa Omagari, Head of Editorial & Native Content, oOh! Media


This is not a static program. It is a conversation and is tailored to you and your specific challenges. Depending on your individual needs you’ll receive inside, tips and coaching on the following:

  • Diagnose exactly what is blocking you from your next promotion.                    
  • Understand more about your personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Build personal resilience to succeed, no matter what.
  • Get answers to the hard questions that you're afraid to ask.                                 
  • Learn how to find the right mentor and sponsor for you.
  • Create a comprehensive plan for your career success.


This program is designed specifically for emerging female leaders, who've achieved at least one promotion and are looking to grow into an executive leadership role.

Typically, you'll be aged between 25-39, and want to focus on accelerating your career to move ahead. The program suits most corporate industries, including banking and finance, media and government.


“The program gave me such a strategic view of my career. I’ve created a 5 year career plan and I’m confident that I’m going to continue to advance.”
- Anna MacDonald, Director, Commercial Partnerships, Nickelodeon

“Had I not done this course, I don’t think I would have had the courage and confidence to be this open and honest with my manager about what I exactly want to achieve in my career.”
- Ishanthi Gunawardana, NAB


The Women’s Career Advancement Program is a
$2,500 (+GST) investment.

This is inclusive of the workshop, individual coaching sessions, a comprehensive career plan for you to action, a final group round table PLUS all the bonuses including a copy of Woman of Influence, an accomplished guest speaker and invaluable networking.

In 95% of cases, your employer will pay for you to attend the Women's Career Advancement program.

All that's holding you back is asking.

Payment plans are also available for self-funded participants.

The next Women’s Career Advancement Program starts
May 31st, 2019 (and runs until October 2018).


(Only 15 spaces available)

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